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Day 43 – Luging & Fabian – Queenstown, New Zealand

After a little recovery we managed to gather Will & Evan together to play a quick game of disc golf. However on just the 3rd hole Evan managed to spounge his disc into the lake and loose it.

After struggling through a game of disc golf, we managed to convince Will to come luging with us. Luging is going down a downhill track on little karts that only have brakes. It was pretty fun and you can get some air if you’re going quick enough over some of the humps and bumps.

On completing our 5 Luge runs we went to checkout Dominoes $5 pizza (£2.70 – José you would be enjoying yourself). This is where we met Fabian who informed us about 5 times: “Sorry it’s busy today”, and also got very confused when we told him our names were also Fabian. That night we went to Cowboy’s where they had 1 litre steins, Evan worked his magic in his board shorts, we collected cowboy hats and we said goodbye to Will!