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Day 45 – 47 – Roast & Canyon Swing, Queenstown, New Zealand

Day 45

It was Sunday and the hostel hosted a Sunday Roast for dinner which was pretty fantastic. Since Will had left us, we took Evan to Harry’s so that he could be hustled by George.

Day 46 – Day out with Evan

Sorry about the lack of photos! We took Evan bowling in his lovely ;) new Subaru Legacy. As George was on fire in pool, we then went to win a non-existent pool competition. This is where Evan talked us to doing something he could do well… Mountain Biking!

Day 47

The day had come and it was time for me to throw some more money at Queenstown (classic Will socket move). After seeing Jack Osbourne do the same thing about 10 years ago in Adrenaline Junkie, and never thinking I would do it, I went to do the Canyon Swing the highest cliff jump in the world. It has 60m of free fall into a canyon followed by over 100m of swinging. Un-like a bungee which gradually decelerates, this accelerates into the swing as you reach the bottom. But the best thing about it is the different ways you can jump off and also the staff that work, as they mess around with you! I borrowed a Go Pro from the hostel so have some footage from the jumps. The first jump I did was in the chair of death. They make you tip yourself back off the edge in a plastic garden chair, and once you’ve tipped yourself they then catch you and pull you back, messing around with you and eventually push you off. The second jump I did was ‘Gimpboy goes to Hollywood’, I was hung upside down headfirst to the floor for a few seconds and then they pull the pin and rocket headfirst towards the floor which was pretty scary!

That night was meant to be taken easy due to the Mountain Biking the next day, however probably far from it especially by Evan…