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Day 48 – Downhill Mountain Biking – Queenstown, New Zealand

After the quiet night in :S and Evan was awoken by a little shaken we went off to rent some bikes. As we were a little late and Evan had to fix his bike we ended up getting just half day bike hire and gondola passes (2-7pm), this was probably a good decision as we were pretty shattered at the end of the day. George also invited Marvellous Martin the Swede along with us, who eventually went off on his own and got chatting to some other swedish girls. Yes Martin! Evan imported from South African but want to be Brit did a fantastic job of guiding us down the runs. The runs are coding like skiing with the red. The first green run we were to do I took a bit quickly and badly landed a jump and came off down a slope and went round a bend and went over the top off it down a hill again. So after the first run I was bleeding, good start! After our blue run Evan took us off on to a black where there was a tricky part with a slope. George saw the steep slope and started to slow down, a drop/lip in the slope meant that the bike went forward and George balled off over the handle bars. Following George and his bike right in front of me, I was low on options and ended up going straight into his bike, my bike landing on me and ended up in a bush, it was all fun though. We took a Go Pro which George strapped to the bike and letter to his helmet but unfortunately it ran out of battery quickly and got little footage. It would have been funny to see some of the big crashes and cool to see the jumps we were doing.

After a very painful shower and a long nap we went to meet Evan in the Irish bar with the ‘Yorkshire lass’, where they had Oranggeeeebooooommmmm on tap! Evan was already quite drunk so when we got back he made the mistake of falling asleep whilst watching Superbad.