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Day 49 – 52 – Franz Josef, New Zealand

On the bus trip there the guy stopped off quite a few times so we could have a look at some nice lakes, beaches and a waterfall.

Because of the buses running every 3 days it meant we had to spend 3 nights in Franz Josef where there was little to do apart from see the glacier, so a lot of mincing was involved. Due to the high mountains next to the sea it meant it also rained everyday we were there. Will recommended the hostel Chateau Franz, saying they had free soup, unfortunately for us, it was more like hot water. We were put in the Stables with big felix one of the many Germans staying at the hostel! We took on the nights activity of Kubb which was a strange Swedish? game that involved throwing sticks at the other persons blocks and knocking them over, which we won. After a long day traveling we got an early night and I could finally work on updating the blog!

The next day it basically rained all day we a couple of Irish chaps Rory and Niall. That evening we just about made it out of the hostel to some strange bar down the road that was absolutely dead.

Again it rained all day but a break in the rain meant that we could go and have a walk up to the glacier. And after making a friend with a bird made a nice spag bowl and played Jenga with the Irish.

That night was a little better as we were recommended a place to go. There before our eyes sat a tall Swedish man… Marvellous Martin! A few minutes later I turn around to see Elph standing in the middle of the dance floor (Henry be jealous). The night was ended with a Welsh man that…. we didn’t make friends with.

Leaving Franz the weather had finally cleared up, just our luck!