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Day 56 – Wellington, New Zealand

Since we only had one day in Wellington we had to make the most of it. In the morning we visited the Weta Workshop. The company that produced all of the props and models for Lord of The Rings and other films like TinTin and District 9. They also said they are designing things for a new Thunderbirds. We got a workshop tour where we weren’t able to take photos but got to touch hobbit feet and amor and loads of other props. Most of which were made from rubber, foam and plastic.

After the workshop we bused back to the centre to visit the National Museum of New Zealand. Where we saw a big squid and some other bits and bobs. Will we saw the big squid!!!

That evening the Marvellous Swede Martin arrived in Base and we went and bought curry and beer yum :) After a few sips of Vodka we wondered out at midnight into town, an interesting move considering the 7.30am bus :/. This is where we or should I say Martin met Megan / followed Megan into the bars she was going to. We went into a strange hip-hop bar which there were loads of people rapping. The picture of George on the bus shows how awful we were feeling the next day.