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Day 62 – Hobbiton, New Zealand

It was finally time to visit the much awaited Hobbiton! Walking to the bus we bumped into Marvellous¬†Martin arriving in Rotorua. I swear he was following us around. Boarding the bus we were greeted by the awesome kiwi driver, whom made us sing ‘She will be coming round the mountain’ whilst driving round in circles in the Hobbiton car park. In the shop they sold 1% beer called ‘SobeRing Thought’. This was brewed espaically for the movie during party scenes so that the actors could get a little tipsy but still act! Also the Hobbit holes are a range of sizes some are large so that the hobbits seem hobbit size / small. And some are very small so they could be used to make other characters look big. The holes themselves were originally built with polystyrene and temporary materials for The Lord of The Rings but now built permanently for The Hobbit and the tours. Each hole is just large enough to fit a few people in.¬†From here on the photos do the talking, but it was pretty cool to see!

After the tour we went to the green dragon pub for an ale and a stout (a cider was also available). The beers/ciders are brewed especially for the pub and only available in Hobbiton. I had the ale and a muffin which were yummy! We sat in front of the open fire with pickles the cat in true hobbit fashion.