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Day 63 – 65 – Paihia, Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Along day afternoon on the bus and we were in Bay of Islands where we met Irish Sarah who was also staying at our hostel (Bay Adventurer). We heard there was little to do apart from go out at the bar / club across the way. Once dinner and a couple of beers not really feeling it we resorted to the Vodka but it wasn’t enough. Standing on the stage in the bar and guessing the names, years and artists of the songs we thought it would be a good time to head home where we had a date with Eric and Becky and their bottle of wine under the stars.

Feeling fairly fresh we had a little spluge with Becky by the pool and agreeing to another ‘date’ before setting out to explore Paihia, the beach was fairly nice but not fantastic, the town quite small (Classic NZ) and we kind of gave up half way on the way to a trek to a waterfall that wasn’t meant to be that great. So we decided to start having a few beers and watch Superbad. Maybe a bad idea as that led to more drinking and after many card games Sarah getting annoyed at us saying Classic Sarah we were very drunk. George probably more so putting himself to bed instead of going out.

The next day was pretty horrendous for everyone involved. We got fantastic burgers and I umpired a game of tennis between George and Juan Fernando, in the intense heat! We did however get a free professional haircut from Pidgeon before getting the bus to Auckland.