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Day 69 – 73 – Bangkok, Thailand

Once off the plane we were greeted with yet another surprise from Emirates. We got to use the Premium lane with no queue and no questions to get our visa. And checked into Phoenix Hotel near the airport for more sleep. Since we didn’t pre-book a hostel we got the sky train into the city centre but had no where to go. After 2 hours we manage to find somewhere (Khaosan Immjai) but for only one night. We finished the day with a Pad Thai at Khao San Road.

The next day we smashed a free breakfast with about 8 pieces of toast and 4 Lipton’s teas. With decent internet we planned our route for Asia a little before setting out to get a new hostel, having some food and mincing round the markets. Later that afternoon we met Fernando from Mexico who struggled after a Chang and a cigarette. That night we met up with Kirsty aka K Dog out our 3rd accom of Bangkok (Samsen Skyline Hostel – where we had booked 2 nights) to book our hotel for xmas…. This was a struggle after a few Changs. We then went out with them and tried scorpion which was disgusting! Salty burnt crunchy crap. Oh and played some ping pong.

After being kicked out of our hostel as the guy messed up our booking we decided to catch a pink cab to Kirtsy’s swanky 4 star hotel ‘Prince Palace’ and chilled out by the roof top pool. That night George went to the gym and I went swimming in a very cool pool outside which was pretty awesome. After that we went back to Khao San for some food and made a failed attempt to find Kirsty.

It was in our intention to remove lots of our bulk from our backpacks and travel light for Asia. We found out that we could leave a suitcase with the hotel for free until our return. On that note we set out to find a cheap suitcase and got a taxi with Mr Bandit. This was pretty stressful as we didn’t have long till checkout and we got in trouble bartering between two different stores. Then once again it was time to check into a different place this time Penpark guesthouse.

Our last day in Bangkok before we return in March. It was time to buy some elephant pants and some beer branded vests! Before leaving to our xmas island resort of Koh Chang.