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Day 82 – 85 – New Years – Phenom Penh, Cambodia

Worst trip of my life

5 hours on minibus whizzing along on the back row felling sick on probably the worst road in the world. Just look at the pot holes! After this things got better checked straight into Mad Monkey and went to sleep!

New Years Eve

After a good rest we were ready to hit the town visiting Central market to find George some fake Havaianas¬†and failing! After it was time for New Years… The events laid out as follows: Met an awesome chap Murray and his friend the lovely Miss Murray. Lots of winning in beer pong with team GP. Some awful Vodka with Murray. Hoping between Tuk-tuks with George and Jermaine into town. Saw some awful fireworks and started shovelling rubbish into a bin. Went to a roof top bar. Saw a gay guy dancing. George accidentally slapped someone. Had a great time in a club called Pontoon. All in all a drunk but fun NYE.

Watches & Football

Big breakfast to cure and fix last nights antics followed by some market shopping for watches with Murray. Where he manage to wiggle a free 6 month warranty with his new watch! Followed by a chilled out evening with 15 year old Jermaine of pool and football.


Just mincing…

The Killing Fields

Time to do some cultural stuff. Not many pictures here, not really the place for pictures, but for anyone interested just Google about it.


A school that was converted into a prison again for those who want to know more: Wiki Link

Last Night!

Last night out with the Legend that is Jonny and meeting Oli that night. Ended up in Pontoon again which this time was awful and full of prostitutes.