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Day 59 & 60 – Taupo, New Zealand

Taupo introduced us to Pack n Save where you can save $1 in spring onions but bags are 10 cents. Oh dear. After mincing around the town and sampling the local meat pies George decided to try his hand at the hole in one challenge with the possibility of winning $10,000 with a 110 yard drive. As I suck at golf I decided to opt out. Although he didn’t win he made a decent mincers effort and hit the platform a couple of times. The night was finished with the standard meal, Oranjeboooooom and a bit of Thai research.

The following day was a little more productive. Hiring bikes with terrible gears from the hostel we took a bike track to Huka Falls, stopping off at some hot pools on the way, finishing the night in classic vintage tradition.


Day 57 & 58 – Napier, New Zealand

Our next stop over was Napier as suggested to us by red trousers. Napier famous for it’s Art Deco and that’s about it and we had 2 days here. Whoops. We stayed at the Art Deco Backpackers which was ok minus the room we were in had people living there so was a massive dump. As we will still recovering we had a little minced around followed by some sausages. We then met a couple of English chaps Andy and Andy… just o’dear! At least they provided some entertainment.

The next day we did all we could which was the costal viewpoint… Followed by beer and lots and lots of free pool (“I know a chap that uses the phrase YOLO”).


Day 56 – Wellington, New Zealand

Since we only had one day in Wellington we had to make the most of it. In the morning we visited the Weta Workshop. The company that produced all of the props and models for Lord of The Rings and other films like TinTin and District 9. They also said they are designing things for a new Thunderbirds. We got a workshop tour where we weren’t able to take photos but got to touch hobbit feet and amor and loads of other props. Most of which were made from rubber, foam and plastic.

After the workshop we bused back to the centre to visit the National Museum of New Zealand. Where we saw a big squid and some other bits and bobs. Will we saw the big squid!!!

That evening the Marvellous Swede Martin arrived in Base and we went and bought curry and beer yum :) After a few sips of Vodka we wondered out at midnight into town, an interesting move considering the 7.30am bus :/. This is where we or should I say Martin met Megan / followed Megan into the bars she was going to. We went into a strange hip-hop bar which there were loads of people rapping. The picture of George on the bus shows how awful we were feeling the next day.


Day 54 & 55 – Picton, New Zealand

Our next stop was Picton the town of the ferry crossing between the North & South of New Zealand. It’s not just a normal ferry crossing though, it is scattered with loads of small islands so our plan was to Kayak around them the following day. After checking in at our hostel The Fat Cod we went on the costal walk recommended by Irish Rory.

We spent the night in with a few Oranjeboooooms, gourmet beans on toast and met Louisa who told us a funny story about the Swedish flag.

The following day we went to rent a Kayak but could only get a double one / a divorced one. The weather wasn’t great either but we were going to get wet anyway. After a needed Fush n Chups we caught the ferry to Wellington. Where got a crazy minibus driver to take us to our hostel.


Day 53 – Nelson, New Zealand

Nelson was a quick pitstop on the way to Picton, we only had one night here in Paradiso a fairly nice hostel with pool, a swimming pool, table tennis and sauna. They also gave you free noodles on check-in! On the bus there we stopped off at Pancake Rocks to see a blow hole which we managed to miss.


Day 49 – 52 – Franz Josef, New Zealand

On the bus trip there the guy stopped off quite a few times so we could have a look at some nice lakes, beaches and a waterfall.

Because of the buses running every 3 days it meant we had to spend 3 nights in Franz Josef where there was little to do apart from see the glacier, so a lot of mincing was involved. Due to the high mountains next to the sea it meant it also rained everyday we were there. Will recommended the hostel Chateau Franz, saying they had free soup, unfortunately for us, it was more like hot water. We were put in the Stables with big felix one of the many Germans staying at the hostel! We took on the nights activity of Kubb which was a strange Swedish? game that involved throwing sticks at the other persons blocks and knocking them over, which we won. After a long day traveling we got an early night and I could finally work on updating the blog!

The next day it basically rained all day we a couple of Irish chaps Rory and Niall. That evening we just about made it out of the hostel to some strange bar down the road that was absolutely dead.

Again it rained all day but a break in the rain meant that we could go and have a walk up to the glacier. And after making a friend with a bird made a nice spag bowl and played Jenga with the Irish.

That night was a little better as we were recommended a place to go. There before our eyes sat a tall Swedish man… Marvellous Martin! A few minutes later I turn around to see Elph standing in the middle of the dance floor (Henry be jealous). The night was ended with a Welsh man that…. we didn’t make friends with.

Leaving Franz the weather had finally cleared up, just our luck!


Day 48 – Downhill Mountain Biking – Queenstown, New Zealand

After the quiet night in :S and Evan was awoken by a little shaken we went off to rent some bikes. As we were a little late and Evan had to fix his bike we ended up getting just half day bike hire and gondola passes (2-7pm), this was probably a good decision as we were pretty shattered at the end of the day. George also invited Marvellous Martin the Swede along with us, who eventually went off on his own and got chatting to some other swedish girls. Yes Martin! Evan imported from South African but want to be Brit did a fantastic job of guiding us down the runs. The runs are coding like skiing with the red. The first green run we were to do I took a bit quickly and badly landed a jump and came off down a slope and went round a bend and went over the top off it down a hill again. So after the first run I was bleeding, good start! After our blue run Evan took us off on to a black where there was a tricky part with a slope. George saw the steep slope and started to slow down, a drop/lip in the slope meant that the bike went forward and George balled off over the handle bars. Following George and his bike right in front of me, I was low on options and ended up going straight into his bike, my bike landing on me and ended up in a bush, it was all fun though. We took a Go Pro which George strapped to the bike and letter to his helmet but unfortunately it ran out of battery quickly and got little footage. It would have been funny to see some of the big crashes and cool to see the jumps we were doing.

After a very painful shower and a long nap we went to meet Evan in the Irish bar with the ‘Yorkshire lass’, where they had Oranggeeeebooooommmmm on tap! Evan was already quite drunk so when we got back he made the mistake of falling asleep whilst watching Superbad.


Day 45 – 47 – Roast & Canyon Swing, Queenstown, New Zealand

Day 45

It was Sunday and the hostel hosted a Sunday Roast for dinner which was pretty fantastic. Since Will had left us, we took Evan to Harry’s so that he could be hustled by George.

Day 46 – Day out with Evan

Sorry about the lack of photos! We took Evan bowling in his lovely ;) new Subaru Legacy. As George was on fire in pool, we then went to win a non-existent pool competition. This is where Evan talked us to doing something he could do well… Mountain Biking!

Day 47

The day had come and it was time for me to throw some more money at Queenstown (classic Will socket move). After seeing Jack Osbourne do the same thing about 10 years ago in Adrenaline Junkie, and never thinking I would do it, I went to do the Canyon Swing the highest cliff jump in the world. It has 60m of free fall into a canyon followed by over 100m of swinging. Un-like a bungee which gradually decelerates, this accelerates into the swing as you reach the bottom. But the best thing about it is the different ways you can jump off and also the staff that work, as they mess around with you! I borrowed a Go Pro from the hostel so have some footage from the jumps. The first jump I did was in the chair of death. They make you tip yourself back off the edge in a plastic garden chair, and once you’ve tipped yourself they then catch you and pull you back, messing around with you and eventually push you off. The second jump I did was ‘Gimpboy goes to Hollywood’, I was hung upside down headfirst to the floor for a few seconds and then they pull the pin and rocket headfirst towards the floor which was pretty scary!

That night was meant to be taken easy due to the Mountain Biking the next day, however probably far from it especially by Evan…


Day 44 – Skydive – Queenstown, New Zealand

After the beers the night before Will managed to miss his 8am bus, classic Will. Meanwhile we managed to pick a perfect day for a skydive, without a cloud in the sky!

Getting back from the skydive we exchanged a few FBs for drinks later on and got pies from the fantastic Ferg bakery (It’s like Uppercrust) and went to see Will at the skate park. Our night out was interesting consisting of Paula (Dominoes), bow ties, giving away cowboy hats, the Macarena, swings and a exploring the other hill.


Day 43 – Luging & Fabian – Queenstown, New Zealand

After a little recovery we managed to gather Will & Evan together to play a quick game of disc golf. However on just the 3rd hole Evan managed to spounge his disc into the lake and loose it.

After struggling through a game of disc golf, we managed to convince Will to come luging with us. Luging is going down a downhill track on little karts that only have brakes. It was pretty fun and you can get some air if you’re going quick enough over some of the humps and bumps.

On completing our 5 Luge runs we went to checkout Dominoes $5 pizza (£2.70 – José you would be enjoying yourself). This is where we met Fabian who informed us about 5 times: “Sorry it’s busy today”, and also got very confused when we told him our names were also Fabian. That night we went to Cowboy’s where they had 1 litre steins, Evan worked his magic in his board shorts, we collected cowboy hats and we said goodbye to Will!