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Day 41 & 42 – Queenstown, New Zealand

Day 41

Eventually we were woken by a very loud and excited Emily. The day was a bit of a struggle but we explored Queenstown and went to Harry’s in the evening for ‘a quiet one’ and some pool. Where George demonstrated the coin trick to Will. On the way back Emily stole Will’s hat so we had to reclaim it (hence the picture)! We also had some fun in Maccas, firstly with pass the rizzla. Then we met a couple of northerners one of which was as camp Christmas and the other a girl who decided to order some nuggets. The nuggets took agers to come and when she finally got them them I pretended to steal them. But when trying to put them back on the table, missed, and they spluged all over the floor. At that instant I decided the best thing to do would be to run as quickly as I could out of Maccas. (It was funny at the time… Honest).

Day 42

Fortunately we weren’t too hungover (compared to the previous day) so decided to go and play some (free!) disc golf with Will in the morning, Emily also decided to join us, classic Emily. The disc golf course was pretty fantastic, it went around the lake so always had some picturesque views, plus provided some danger of loosing the frisbee down the hill and into the lake.

After we ditched Emily :P we had a little walk up to the Queenstown viewpoint with Will and his new toy (a bit of plastic that attached his go pro to a walking pole).

After the walk and a Ferg it was time for some beer and another night out that ended in bruises for me and Evan :/ (who was also been kicked out of the bar) and a walk down the hill. Emily also decided to steal our phones and take some pictures during the hostel’s Mario Kart tournament.


Day 40 – Queenstown, New Zealand

We were up early to catch our long bus from Christchurch to Queenstown. We were looking to spend a week in Queenstown and travel up to Auckland for the remaining 3 weeks. Queenstown was pretty awesome but I probably didn’t take enough photos to document everything so will have to write as much as I can! George found the hostel ‘Adventure Queenstown’, that was reasonably cheap and had a 97% rating, little did we know that Vikki had also stayed here a few years back! On the way down to Queenstown we stopped off at a couple of NZs lakes. The first Lake Hawea and the second Lake Wanaka, both had pretty incredible water.

After checking in and meeting the guys in our room we went off to get our first Ferg Burger (1/2 pound Mr Big Stuff & Bambi + Bree). That night was the hostel quiz, here we got split up from the guys in our room and were in separate teams. But we had our Oranjebooooommmmmm! I managed to land on a team consisting of all Brits including (big) Grant and (crazy) Emily. After both loosing the quiz and missing out on the free slab of beer, we managed to get a few people together to go out. One of which was Ian from the rock (of Gibraltar) and our room. After loosing Emily (and Rich ;) ) we ended up at Winnies and Boileroom where I had an interesting night (Henry Ellison :P ).


Day 37 – 39 – Christchurch, New Zealand

Day 37

We had to get up fairly early for our flight from Sydney Airport. The train in Sydney is fairly cheap, however to get it to the airport terminal they whack an additional $20 charge on. To get around this we stayed on the train for an extra stop passed the terminal station and then just walked back to the airport, in time for our Emirates banquet. The banquet was pretty fantastic beef and veg + some kind of cheesecake that we ended up getting seconds. Flying over New Zealand was pretty mountainous, but approaching Christchurch it went completely flat!

We stayed at Break Point hostel, one of the few hostels now in Christchurch. Christchurch has pretty much nothing there now due to earthquakes around 3 years ago, there were a couple of trembles that we felt whilst we were there. Our first night there we met a nice Dutch chap Ivo (Evo) and bumped into some girls who knew some friends from home (still find these things so strange), oh and had lots of Heineken and met Tiger Woods!

Day 38

Got up late. Spluged around. Went to the pier. Found the amazing library internet. Discovered and downloaded the App QuizUp! Found a spinning thing and a surfboard bench.

Day 39

Went to the library to book transport for the whole of New Zealand for $169. Booked and researched Queenstown, and updated the blog! Later we got Fush n Chups from Henry’s!


Day 35 & 36 – Bondi + Cricket, Sydney, Australia

Day 35

Struggling to wake up the next day it came apparent that George had ended up not bothering to get up to the top bunk and had slept in the first bed he came to. As we were checking out of Base we had to get up and get our stuff together and make it to reception for 10. Luckily Ben was still staying there so we left the stuff in the room and sorted it out later. Ben however had managed to loose his phone and wallet that later turned up at reception. After a Pie Face we painfully made our way to our new hostel ‘Home Backpackers’, where the room stank of something rotting (I can’t even describe the smell). After a chat with Saul, we made it to Bondi for some late afternoon rays! At the bus stop on the way back stood a big Aussie guy with his top off. George made a comment about him not training his small pecks enough. As I looked over he started coming towards us…

Small Pecks: Do I know you from somewhere? Have we met before?
Confused George: Ermmm, no?
Small Pecks: Oh well are you sure we didn’t go to school or something because you were EYE BALLING MEEEEEE…….. F*!@ing tourists!

Day 36 – For those who don’t like cricket just skip…

After waking up in our smelly room we quickly left for the start of the cricket @ 10.30. Ben was meant to be at ours for 9 but we had to leave without him as he got wrapped up in some other affairs. The cricket was pretty cool as once the rain had cleared in the morning we went down and sat in the front row right next to all the players (also we only paid £9 for a ticket). We made friends with a seagull, and heard some of the worst Aussie chants ever. They were so bad that English cricket team seemed to be laughing at them (for those interested something about broad being breast fed till he was 8 and paying lots for his hair cut – mainly due to the fact that he didn’t walk) and pretty much met Broad.


Day 33 & 34 – Sydney, Australia

Day 33 consisted of a long 8.5 hour drive to Sydney. Reaching our hostel Base we were told that there was no where to park the rental car overnight and that it costs $22 an hour to park. Great! Helpful! After driving around for 2 hours we got somewhere to park (for free) and had made it back to the hostel with all of our things. We didn’t have money on our cashcards and needed internet to top them up which cost us $4. Checked in and pissed off with reception it was time to end the day. Sydney hadn’t started well!

Day 34

We were up early to take the car back and caught the train back into the centre to see some sites, and I got excited going on my first double decker train. We went across the harbour bridge to see Luna Park but it was closed and looked a bit rubbish.

After purchasing some fancy chocolate from our favourite shop Woolworths. We went back to the hostel to discover Ben (2) Davis. Ben decided he wanted to come to the cricket match with us the next day and after some drinking games received the nickname 4 Bottle Ben, starting to slur at 4 bottles is a poor effort. After finishing up the goon and Ben had gotten into his ‘pulling t-shirt’ and applied lots of 1 million, we headed next door into a club adjoining the hostel ‘Scary Canary’. Here we saw a pretty awful ‘wet t-shirt comp’, and had to look babysit Jack / Doby the house elf / farmer. I ended up leaving with Jack to get food where some interest things happened outside Hungry Jacks and I found the Bondi Bus stop.


Day 31 & 32 – Byron Bay, Australia

After just over an hours drive south we arrived at Byron Bay where the weather was pretty miserable. It was late in the afternoon so we cooked some sausages in bread on the barbie and got some rest.

Cheeky Trivia – Manchester  = Bedding in Aus. The crates of bedding that was imported to Aus had Manchester on them from the UK. Just like how we call crookery China.

The next day we walked from town around the coast / peninsular which is the most easterly part of Aus.

After we went into town and enjoyed some cold rock ice cream. Madz we did it! I had some cookie dough in mine which was fantastic. That night George cooked us a gourmet meal of sweet potato, green veg and Kangaroo which was incredible rare.



Day 30 – Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia

It was nice to be somewhere more than 2 nights and after not having such a heavy night I was up for treating George to game of mini/putt putt golf. But before that George cut my hair which he was very proud of.

Putt putt golf was pretty fantastic. There were 3 courses of 18 holes and we played them all for a rather pricey of $22 but it was worth it.

After mini golf we got a quick Dominoes (that actually took agers to get) and went out with pink glow sticks on to represent the hostel we were at. We also managed to get a game of goon pong in which we won in style by George bouncing a ball in whilst the other guy was distracting buy someone stealing his good. We tried to collect all of the glow sticks but the only green one someone had was by an Asian guy who didn’t want to give it up, so I ended up casually taking it off his neck and running :D .


Day 28 & 29 – Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia

Arriving in Surfers Paradise we checked in to the Sleeping Inn hostel. It was a pretty cool hostel divided up into apartments, where we happened to be the only guys. Pretty tired after the drive we were then asked if we were going out, which of course ended up happening with $2.50 Coronas being offered. We also briefly met Ben Wassall where George tried to sell him the lovely Hyundai i20 and he betted me that I would forget his name, neither happened.

The next morning the room we were woken pretty early as the room was boiling and Ben had missed his 8.30 Greyhound due to excessive alcohol assumption. Oh Ben Wassall. Once we were up we went into town where George wanted to find a cotton on and I wanted a hungry jacks. After purchasing a couple of vitamin waters we spluged/splooged out on the beach, which was pretty fantastic minus the wind that covered you in sand.

After the beach it was about time to get some goon and play some drinking games with the Scottish in our apartment thing. Before going out George wanted his hair cut round the sides. So we had some cutting Fridays! We didn’t have a massive night but it ended up throwing beer matts at some guy on the dance floor, sleeping in the club, trying to buy the employees at 7-Eleven clothes (where the guy wanted $400) and finding a hat, and trying to sell that too. Unfortunately we didn’t take the hat back with us as we were later offered $2 for it by the Swedes.


Day 28 – Fraser Island, Australia

The real reason for going to Rainbow beach was to visit Fraser Island. On our tight schedule we did this in a day with Fraser Discovery and our tour guide Stu! Famously the whole of Fraser island is made from sand so only 4x4s are allowed to drive through the sand. Our tour was in a bus / lorry thing with a hard suspension. Another thing its is for Dingos that we saw quite a few of on the beach. These wild dog like animals have been known to attack humans if provoked and there are electrical fence safe zones around the island. Once crossing the ferry the first stop on our tour was the the forest trail (a bit unexpected when you imagine an island only made of sand).

After the forest we went to Fraser Island’s main attraction Lake Mackenzie. A fresh water lake in the middle off the island surrounded by silica sand. Was quite strange swimming in fresh water.

After a overcooked BBQ steak we zipped back across the beach at 90km and saw a few Dingos along the way.

We got back at around 4.30 and decided to shoot down to Surfers Paradise in Gold Coast straight away. On the drive down we passed Kenilworth. Day 28 continued in next post…


Day 27 – 1770 + Rainbow Beach, Australia

It was another 5 hour drive south to Rainbow Beach from Rockhampton, so we decided to take a break for some lunch at 1770. 1770 is a town named after Captain Cook landed there in 1770… So we expected to see a bit of history etc. But no there was a pile of rocks…

After at arriving at our hostel in the evening, we received some lovely prison plates, bowls and cups. Also they have skippy cereal!