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Day 26 – Whitsunday Islands & Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Off the coast of Airlie beach is the Whitsunday islands, that is made up of 74 small islands that Captain Cook named as he sailed through them in 1770 (bit of history ;) . To visit the islands we took a trip on Big Fury, where we firstly snorkelled over some coral off one of the islands.

After snorkelling we headed round the Whitsunday island to Whitehaven beach. Probably the nicest beach I’ve been to due to the sand being 85% silica (white sand). We also enjoyed some lunch with some rather large lizards.

On the way back to Airlie we got soaked from the waves coming over the back of the boat!

That night we drove to Rockhampton, around a 5 hour drive to breakup the drive to Rainbow Beach / Fraser Island.



Day 25 – Airlie Beach, Australia

After a couple hours drive south we arrived at Airlie Beach, home of the Whitsunday Islands for around lunch time. The town was quite small and nice with a nice beach and small main strip. But the sea / beach was no swimming area because of crocs so again there was a lagoon which was a bit better than the Cairns one. We checked into the Waterfront hostel for just $20 a night which had a long pretty cool 17 bed dorm in the ‘loft’.

After a new slab of Chang was purchased and beans on toast consumed we headed out to explore, with the intention of sorting out a tour of the Whitsundays. After spluging around seeing the lagoon etc, we spent the rest of the day in a travel shop sorting out the rest of the drive down getting some free drinks, cheap meals and a discount on accommodation and tours. After a $10 pint and meal which was decent we headed back to the hostel for some card games and an early night (Oh and some more Chang)!


Day 24 – Magnetic Island + Townsville, Australia

We decided to have a little look at Townsville in the morning before heading over to magnetic island in the afternoon. Townsville seemed to have a nice beach with some sailing going on and a main street (Flinders St :/ Why is everything called this here?) with a market on, but that’s about it…

After a self-cooked, hostel made beans on toast, we hoped on the ferry to Magnetic Island (not realising there was a car ferry that we could have taken). Our first point of call was the main attraction Horseshoe Bay where we spent most of the afternoon in the cornered off netted section to protect against marine stingers.

On the way back to the ferry we stopped off at Picnic Bay, where I found a koala :) . That evening we treated ourselves to a Dominoes for $10 (£6.15).


Day 23 – Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, Australia

We had to get up early to catch a 40 min bus to Palm Cove to collect the car, a small price to pay as we got the car pretty cheaply. After a drive back to Cairns and a refill Pie Face we caught a ferry to Green Island, the closest part of the Great Barrier Reef to Cairns.

After arriving at the island it was suggested on trip advisor that we did the submarine tour / sub immersed boat. This was pretty good, it was me George and a bunch of Asians. We mostly saw lots of colourful fish but got a glimpse of a Turtle and saw some massive black fish.

After that we had just over an hour to go for a snorkel round the island. After testing the waterproof cases and mind seeming to fail we took big George’s phone in with us to take some photos. Early on a sting ray swam under us, around a ft long. Saw lots of fish including some cool sword fish looking ones. Then we sported a turtle and tried to get some photos with it. At one point I pooed myself as it swam directly at me and then under me. After following it for 5 or so mins we let it go off. Unfortunately as the phone was a bit hit and miss George only got a video of me with it by accident but we got some good photos of it! Made the whole trip worth it.

Once arriving back in Cairns we started driving down the coast. Arriving at 10pm at our hostel Civic Guest House and our room Bungle Bungle (Sarah).



Day 22 – Cairns, Australia

After waking up I left the room to get some internet, where I bumped into James of all knowledge. It was then we realised that we only had 2 weeks to get to Sydney and we couldn’t mince around in Cairns for long. We decided to try and find a car and managed to find one from iMover that would give us 12 days to get to Sydney for £240, pretty amazing. This was to be picked up the following day so we chilled out by the lagoon and I had a hangover crocodile burger :) , enjoying myself. The lagoon is a man-made pool with sand round in front of the sea, you cannot swim in the sea as there’s salt water crocs.

We ended the day with a BBQ with the guys from the hostel. Next to the hostel and lagoon there are lots of public BBQs and free Wifi, Cairns has got it nailed!


Day 21 – Carins, Australia – Bye Melbourne

Unfortunately, it was time to leave Madz’s house and catch our flight to Cairns. We would then travel down the coast to Sydney. Our flight was with budget airlines Jet Star (The Ryan Air of Oz), naturally it was delayed by 40 minutes, but I enjoyed a huge muffin and a vidamin wader.

We checked in at the Waterfront hostel on Cairns main road, right next to the Lagoon. As we arrived at 7.10pm the guy got really pissed off with us. And entering the dorm, we had no idea what beds were free so dumped our beds and headed out to look around and see the night market, where they sold some interesting jerky. On arrival back at the hostel, there appeared two minions in our room that persuaded to go out as it was halloween, provided us with accessories, and put eyeliner on us, making us look like gay pirates. After predrinks with Miley Cyrus we headed out.


Day 20 – Great Ocean Road, Melbourne, Australia

Madz was an absolute star, and after an early start drove us down to the 12 Apostles. One the way we drove past Cameron… Bloody Cameron, and George saw a scary sign!

On the way back we drove back along the Great Ocean Road, which was very up and down and left and right. We stopped off at Apollo Bay, Lorne, Algsea and Torquay. Stopping for fish and chips at Lorne and party pies (pardy piys – Aussie). We also spotted a echidna (hedgehog looking thing), but no roos!! :( :P

Once we got back we ended the day with Chicken Palmas (chicken snhizstel with ham and cheese on top). And a few games of beer pong at Jess’ fancy house.


Day 19 – Luna Park, St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia

Madz was disappointed with us that we didn’t know Luna Park, so we were dropped off to see Luna Park and St Kilda. The weather wasn’t the best, it was like a fresh english day. But Luna Park was closed as they were preparing it for Halloween. We had a walk along the beach where they were doing lots of kite surfing (apologise for lack of pictures).

After refuelling with a Pie Face we headed to the Crown casino. It was pretty nice, never really been to a massive casino before but nice shops etc. They also had a cool arcade and ten pin bowling. Where they had a doodle jump game and a the genie thing from Big!


Day 18 – Melbourne, Australia

Time for our mince (José) around Melbourne! After waking up late trying to recover after the previous late affairs Madz dropped us off at the station as she needed to head to work. We used our MiKeys to get a train to the main station of Melbourne Flinders Street. We had a look around (piss farted around – Aussie) and some more Aussie food, a pie and flake and chips. After that we headed to the tallest building in Melbourne that had a sky deck (skkyyyy dickkk – Kiwi). This had fantastic views of the city and the weather had picked up a little meaning we enjoyed ourselves, on the sky dick.

After we had descended we took a mooch along the river where we saw loads of rowing teams that were being shouted at by people with megaphones cycling along the shore. Heading in the general direction of the cricket stadium we came across an arena where 1Direction we touring that evening and there were many young and old ladies dressed up awfully. Although we didn’t go into the cricket stadium there were a number of statues of famous athletes and cricketers around the stadium, as well as an outdoor netting area where we watched some guys for a bit which were pretty good. After our little look around we headed back for some great steaks cooked by the one and only Mrs Borrelli.


Day 16 & 17 – Echuca, Australia

It was the morning after the night before, but due to the blacked out curtains and jet lag it was now the afternoon… 3 o’clock in the afternoon! So Madz decided to take us a walk along the river followed by our very first meat pies from Australia’s ‘best bakery’. Followed by George’s first TimTam.

And after that it was time for some more beer pong and the less favoured ‘Vod pong’ to catch up with Madz’ UDL pong! On this night I met a celebrity, tried to DJ, met Jebus and thought I found a $50 note that George actually lent me.

Again after a fairly busy night and meeting Cameron in McDonald’s. Bloody Cameron! The Man – a – ger! We ended up all waking up late and driving back to Melbourne. On the way back we stopped for Fish & Chips which was Flake (gummy shark) and chips, we also had our first Dim Sims and Potatoe cakes. After, we went to visit Madz’ Dad for his bday where there were lots of Aussies who swore alot!